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  • A vast collection of online resources (organized around the research-based Core5 components) that can easily complement your current after school program or provide you with a new structure to maximize your future after school efforts
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What do you get with’s FREE Member’s Area subscription?

Core5 Kids™ is designed to give after school staff, primary school educators and parents easy access to the essential tools and resources they need to effectively make every day a more enjoyable learning and developmental experience for kids. Subscribing to Core5 After School gives you access to a treasure chest of interactive videos, activities, research, resources and hyperlinks to other websites developed specifically to address the Core5 components. Though much of what we provide is focused on after school efforts, many educators and parents find these resources to be quite helpful in complementing their involvement with children during the school day or at home. When you register for free to, you will instantly receive full access to these resources located in our “Member’s Area” website. In other words, the help you need is just a few mouse clicks away.

If you are an educator or parent looking for creative ideas to help your kids, you will find Core5 After School has a lot to offer. And if you are an after school provider looking for a new after school program to adopt or more resources to complement your existing program, Core5 After School gives you everything you need to integrate age-appropriate activities and lessons on fitness, nutrition, and character development for kids 5-12 years of age. And once you have thoroughly exercised, nourished and uplifted the kids through using the fitness, nutrition and character resources provided in our Member’s Area, Core5 After School provides you with even more to complement academic enrichment, tutoring, and parent engagement essential to maximizing the impact after school efforts and greater parent involvement can have on academics and efforts to develop the whole child.

There are great after school efforts taking place across our country, and we want to share with you what they are doing as well as the resources provided by Core5 After School. Our vision is to see after school become such a positive developmental and academic part of the students' educational experience that more educational stakeholders (students, parents and educators) will want to support it every day.

There are millions of students, however, who do not attend after school programs and will not have a parent pick them up upon the completion of the school day, or greet them at home. These students (an estimated 15 million under the age of 15) who spend these critical after school hours home alone have historically been referred to as latch-key kids. The question many in the after school arena might ask is why are so many students or parents choosing not to attend after school programs? Our research shows that many after school programs can benefit from doing or offering more to make after school more attractive to students and parents. wants to help you in this worthy endeavor.

For after school providers, Core5 is designed to help you attract, retain, and enrich more students during those hours after school that with a little work can become the most productive hours of the day. For elementary school educators and parents, Core5 wants to help you improve the fitness, nutrition, character, academic enrichment and parent involvement your kids receive. Core5 can become your first and last stop to achieving excellence in school, after-school and at home!

Why Did We Create

Our motivation to create Core5 followed some consulting we did for a state department of education that had us research effective after school programs in order to help them improve their after school programs statewide. What we found is that many after school programs nationwide are barely meeting the grade. Far too many are as some after school leaders have told us—“glorified babysitting services”. We have found that some of the organizations paid to provide such services in off-campus settings nationwide offer little more than disorganized social gatherings, with little attention being given to how one might maximize the time spent after school. What many are not doing is tying the after school activities into a focused effort that could complement the school day challenges.

We have found that if a school truly wants to increase academic achievement and bolster better behavior (reduce academic challenges), then it would make complete sense to focus after school efforts on effective core components supported by research and practice. There are many incredible after school programs already doing this every day. And after researching and seeing how the more structured approaches and support resources help after school educators accomplish so much more, we developed

The question we asked when designing was what could or should educators attempt to ultimately accomplish in the ideal after school program? As a result of our research and exploration into what exists and is missing in after school programs, we concluded that there are five core components that could be fit into a normal after school day. Those Core5 components are: Fitness, Nutrition, Character, Academic Enrichment, and Parent Involvement. The goal of Core5 is to share how after school programs can be more effective by adopting or more thoroughly infusing all or some of these five core components into daily routines and procedures.

In this day and age for students to realize their full potential, every instructional minute matters. To some it would appear, however, that every hour spent with students equates to 60 minutes of instruction that should be spent helping them grow academically. Yet when we at Core5 consider helping students grow; like many educators frustrated with the current status of education we visualize much more than the input of curriculum (instruction) and the output of test scores that dictate academic success to so many. When we think of growth we think about developing the whole child. And if you have read our research and writings on Multi-Dimensional Education (Corwin Press) or Prosocial Education (Rowman and Littlefield), then you probably understand that our goal is to help educators become or remain the inspirational role models they set out to be. Our goal is to help you help students prepare for the test of life and not just a life of tests. And though policy and curricula demands might have every spare minute of the traditional school day accounted for, it would appear to us that after school still holds much promise to be that time of day where we can help students develop into something wonderful academically, but also socially, ethically and physically.