Core5 Fitness for Kids

Are you looking for a FUN way to get your kids exercising and maybe exercise with them? Welcome to Core5 Fitness for Kids!

Core5 Fitness for Kids is a one-of-a-kind fitness program developed specifically for kids ages 5 to 12 and the adults in their lives.

Core5 Fitness for Kids (Volume 1) includes FIVE 30- minute long Theme-Based Workouts:

Boot Camp - Takes you through a challenging but not too hard crash course in basic training to honor our troops.

Martial Arts - Coach Scott shares his knowledge as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to help kids learn to balance and kick it with energy.

Around the World - Takes you on a science-rich tour of the world with exercises such as the Tsunami Dash and the Arctic Shivers.

Go Wild - Lets your kids express their inner-animal with wild and fierce animal movements such as the Gorilla Walk and the Crocodile Crawl!

Superheroes - Helps you and your kids develop superhuman strength and extraordinary powers!

Core5 Fitness for Kids (Volume 1) also includes a Bonus Disc with videos for additional Sunny Day Workout ideas, and other videos to help kids and parents build character and do better in school!

Core5 Fitness for Kids helps families and schools get FIT, stay FIT, and simultaneously have an exciting FUN time!

Order your copy of Core5 Fitness for Kids today for just $89.95!

Core5 Fitness for Kids…Making Fitness Fun…For Everyone!

All Core5 Fitness and Core5 Kids purchases go toward supporting the efforts of the Core5 After School Clearinghouse.