Core5 Nutrition

Obesity endangers the health and well being of our children. As caring educators and parents, we can help curb this trend.

One way to make an impact is to use the Core5 Nutrition resources, videos and activities to transform your nutritional habits to be more beneficial to students and families. Our goal with Core5 Nutrition is to help you make healthy decisions that are life changing.

We want to help you model and share with kids how good nutritional food can also taste good (and be fun to make). When you subscribe to you will have access to a host of nutritional activities, recipes and resources to share with your kids and families.

Eat Well!

Core5 Nutrition gives you the tools you need to prepare children for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. The Core5 Nutrition program includes:

  • Nutritional activities to help children identify healthy foods
  • Easy-to-make recipes for at-home use
  • Resources to educate parents on eating for wellness