Core5 Fitness

Exercise has been shown to improve concentration and mood, as well as fight rising obesity rates. Core5 Fitness is designed to make implementing exercise in your after school program or at home fun and easy. Many of the videos Core5 has created for you (available when you register to become a member) are hosted by an experienced teacher/coach who loves to help kids get fit. The videos we have provided from our partners, such as HopSports, are developed by experts leading the way to better youth fitness. The additional resources and hyperlinks are there to provide you with whatever your heart desires to getting your kids up and moving.

We have provided you with resources designed for kids that are in good shape to kids that need to get into shape. No matter if children think they are athletic or not, the Core5 Fitness tab resources in our Members Section will appeal to all.

Please note, however, these workout videos and resources are not just for the kids. We also urge you to get up and move and lead by example. So if you want to get your kids exercising, and maybe get in a little better shape yourself, get ready to sweat and have some fun getting Core5 fit!

Making Fitness Fun (for everyone)!

The Core5 Fitness resources are designed to keep fitness fresh and fun. It features:

  • An assortment of workout videos and activities
  • Brain Breaks from HopSports
  • Hyperlinks to informative fitness websites
  • And everything you need to get kids moving and get parents and teachers working out as well!
We are always developing new workouts and looking for more resources to share. And once you register to become a member you can receive updates as these resources are added.