Core5 Enrichment

From taking a virtual tour of an aquarium in Australia or a New York City art museum, to exploring an assortment of core subject related (e.g., Math) websites to help kids improve their academic abilities, Core5 Enrichment offers a wide assortment of academic enrichment activities. What our research has illuminated, is that kids love to use technology to practice and play. And if our kids are spending a great amount of their day focused on specific curriculum and approaches to instruction that assumes one-size-fits-all for kids, we need to be aware that sometimes kids like to take different approaches to learning. Core5 Enrichment provides you with everything you need to get even the most stubborn kids having fun and learning.

Keeping kids interested is paramount to increasing their motivation to learn, and motivation to learn is one of the biggest predictors of academic success. The Core5 Enrichment activities are designed to pique kids’ curiosity and foster exploration.

Make Learning Fun Again!

Core5 Enrichment program:

  • Teaches kids to love learning through exciting and engaging activities
  • Helps increase motivation to learn and study
  • Provides a time and structures for students to participate in peer tutoring and collaborative learning