The creators of Core5 are world-renowned for their work in character development and helping schools to do Character Education “right not light”.

If you can’t find a way to get enough character (or social emotional, civics, service learning or more specific prosocial education efforts such as anti-bullying) into your school day, Core5 has developed an assortment of videos, activities and resources for you to implement into your after school program.

From just clicking on a video that can start a fruitful conversation with kids to selecting one of our recommended activities that you can run yourself, you will find the resources under Core5 Character to be the impetus to making your after school time (as well as traditional school hours) enjoyable and beneficial to developing better kids. And to us as well as an abundance of research, better kids mean better productivity, academics and relationships during the whole day.

Becoming the person our dog thinks we are!

Core5 Character provides you with easy to use ideas and resources to help kids become the productive students and citizens our communities need. The Core5 Character program includes:

  • Links to an assortment of prosocial education focused efforts
  • An assortment of activities to help you help kids become inspired
  • And videos that will make you laugh, cry and laugh again