The Core5 Components


With the help and support of our colleagues and partners, we have put a great amount of research and effort into the development of the Core5 Kids™ program. We spent countless hours interviewing and listening to the concerns of students, parents and educators. After all was said and done, we decided that instead of simply providing a clearinghouse of the most effective and promising after school programs and products (that many schools unfortunately can’t afford to purchase), we wanted to offer educators a more organized and affordable approach to maximizing the effectiveness of after school efforts. We decided the format for should also be useful in helping parents provide the additional developmental and academic support that is not always convenient for educators to fit into the normal school day. In other words, we wanted to create a website that both educators and parents would find of great use and value. To accomplish our goal, we decided to focus on the five most important core components that our research identified as essential to improving after school and help parents help their kids. These Core5 components are Fitness, Nutrition, Character, Academic Enrichment, and Parent Engagement.

The founding partners of Core5 After School, experienced educators with more than 48 years combined experience (as well as decades of experience serving as education evaluators/researchers with backgrounds in child development, education leadership and psychology), have seen the worst and the best that our education systems have to offer from coast to coast. The move towards placing an unprecedented emphasis on testing and standards has left many teachers hands tied and kids with little time to be physically active, and even less classroom time spent encouraging positive social and emotional development. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes childhood obesity is at an all time high and has more than tripled in the past 30 years. Millions of children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and other Behavioral Disorders need more exercise, better nutrition, time to develop good habits, and help with academics. These are some of the reasons we have designed Core5 around 5 core components. supplements existing school curriculum and after school programming by encouraging physical fitness, good nutrition, positive social behavior and values, parental involvement, and balanced study habits that will serve students through school and beyond. Please review the specific component tabs for more information on the Core5 components.