About Us

The Core5 After School Clearinghouse is the product of experts in education working together with concerned educational stakeholders nationwide to provide you with a free resource to help kids grow physically, ethically, socially and academically. Core5AfterSchool.org was developed by Multi-Dimensional Education Inc. and educational experts (who are also parents) that care about education success but also providing kids with everything they need to be successful in life. As our partner Dr. Phil Vincent likes to remind others, "You can be a straight 'A' student and still fail in life."

The recent debacle on Wall Street and the actions of our Banking industry is a perfect example of how smart people can sometimes do very bad things that lead to failure. The partners and staff of Core5AfterSchool.org are dedicated to making sure tomorrow is a better day for millions of kids and their families. To follow are some bios of the partners behind Core5AfterSchool.org.

The Partners of Core5

Ron Caruso, VP of Media Production

Ron Caruso, Vice President of Media Production and partner in Core5, is a 1992 graduate of Ohio University in video production. Caruso has managed his own production company for more than 20 years. He has worked for groups and networks including: NFL, NHL, MLB, BBC, Discovery, Lifetime, NBC, and HBO. Caruso has worked in various production roles in the areas of live broadcast sports, reality TV, and documentaries. He is a talented videographer and has produced commercial projects for large corporations and companies. Caruso’s manages the production of Core5 Fitness, and online digital media.

Dr. Michael W. Corrigan, CEO

Dr. Michael W. Corrigan, Chief Executive Officer and partner in Core5, is a well-published Associate Professor and former Director of Research in the College of Education at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. He teaches Educational Psychology, Human Development, and Research Methods. He is the author of Handbook of Prosocial Education (Rowman and Littlefield) and Multi-Dimensional Education: A Common Sense Approach to Data-Driven Thinking (Corwin). Dr. Corrigan’s more recent large scale research projects include five U.S. Department of Education grants studying character development and academic achievement in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia; as well as a National Science Foundation grant collaborating with NASA that studies the impact of science-based inquiry on academic achievement in at-risk youth. Corrigan’s earlier research into the deviant behavior of youth in relation to community engagement was funded through the Department of Justice. Dr. Corrigan has taught within a juvenile detention system and was also the founder of the nonprofit Neighbor’s Day Initiative Group that sought to build safer communities for youth. Corrigan’s community work has been featured in the Christian Science Monitor and other national publications.

Dr. Doug Grove, CDO

Dr. Doug Grove, Chief Development Officer and partner in Core5, is one of the authors of Multi-Dimensional Education: A Common Sense Approach to Data-Driven Thinking (Corwin) and well respected from coast to coast for providing educational evaluation services to local and state education agencies. Grove is an Associate Professor at Vanguard University of Southern California where he serves as Director of Graduate Programs in the School of Education. Grove has an extensive background in Educational Leadership, Research Design and Methodology. Dr. Grove’s broad experience in educational evaluation includes the management of numerous state and federal grants, as well as many other local education agency-based initiatives on the west coast. As a respected professor, Grove has taught courses on classroom assessment, statistics, research design and accountability in education. Dr. Grove also has taught English, business, and physical education in public and private school settings. He has worked as a high school vice principal, the coordinator of a county office assessment unit, and school board member.

Scott Hall, VP of Fitness and Nutrition

Scott Hall, one of the founding partners of Core5, is the Vice President of Fitness and Nutrition and the host of Core5 Fitness for Kids. Hall is an alumnus of Otterbein College and received his Master's Degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College. Hall currently teaches sixth grade at a middle school in Central Ohio. He is a participant on his school district’s Wellness Committee and is an educator with an extensive background in fitness. Hall has eight years of middle school coaching experience in football and wrestling. Hall received his Black Belt from the American Taekwondo Association and his Personal Training Certification from the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. He played college football and has fifteen years of successful competitive power lifting and body building experience. Most of all, Coach Scott wants to help kids, families and educators get fit!

Dr. Philip Fitch Vincent, COO

Dr. Philip Fitch Vincent, Chief Operations Officer and partner in Core5, is known to many as the voice of character education. He brings more than 25 successful years of experience as an educator and an administrator to his consulting, grant project management, presentations, and workshops. Phil is the third author on Multi-Dimensional Education: A Common Sense Approach to Data-Driven Thinking (Corwin), but as many of you know he has written a dozen other inspiring books. Dr. Vincent received his Master’s degree in education from Appalachian State University and his doctor of education degree in curriculum and instruction from North Carolina State University. Dr. Vincent has taught grades K-12 as well as being a site and central office administrator. Dr. Vincent has done more than a thousand presentations and keynotes related to character education and moral development in more than 40 states and Canada. In November of 2007 he received the Sandy McDonald Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of character education from the Character Education Partnership in Washington, DC. Phil was also given the Canadian Achievement Award in Character Education for his work in Ontario.