A Day in Core5 After School

The goal of Core5AfterSchool.org is to help you either augment or adopt more productive approaches and pieces to after school success. Some will use parts of what we offer on our website to augment what they do. Some might purchase and adopt one of the programs we highlight in our Member’s Area. But if you are looking for a way to redesign or possibly reorganize your after school approach for free, shaping your new efforts around using the resources provided in the Core5 After School’s five core components (located in the Member’s Area) holds great promise.

To help you visualize how this might work, we want to give you a brief synopsis of what a day might look like if you adopt Core5 After School to be your complete after school model.

Core5 Fitness: Time to Move!
2:50pm - 3:20pm

Dayincore5-1After the last bell rings and after school begins, kids participating in a Core5 After School focused program head to the gym (or possibly a more open space in the cafeteria or wherever you host your after school efforts). During this time we start with providing our kids with a fitness opportunity. It is during his time slot that kids can do one or more of the many exercise videos or activities provided in our Member’s Area. After trying out one of the Core5 Fitness for Kids workouts, some schools might order a complete volume set of the Core5 Fitness for Kids DVD series and use the workouts to offer different theme such as martial arts, military boot camp or the animal-based theme “Go Wild.” Others might use videos from our partners such as HopSports and complete one of the Brain Breaks provided. Others might choose one of our sunny day fitness activities and head outside to do some fun stuff that gets kids moving. The point is to help kids find a constructive way to release all of that built up energy they accumulated during the traditional school day.

Core5 Nutrition: A Studious Snack
3:20pm - 3:40pm

Dayincore5-2After the Core5 Fitness workout we suggest you have students move to an area where they can receive a nutritious snack to refuel. On our website you will find a great amount of literature and resources to help you choose snacks that meet federal nutrition guidelines. We also provide suggestions on how you might recruit local businesses to fund or assist your nutrition efforts. But at Core5 we believe it is just not enough to feed the kids. We should also try to educate the kids on how to feed themselves; and more importantly help the kids and parents make the correct nutritional decisions together. This is why on our website you will find numerous resources and activities to help you in this endeavor. Many of the Core5 Nutrition resources come from experts in nutrition sharing helpful hints in a creative kid appropriate way. Other resources come from educators and parents who submitted ideas for fun activities to do such as working with the kids to have them make their own fruit salsa. We also provide nutrition handouts that you can download from the Core5 website that you can give to kids and their parents to help them plan meals and keep track of what they are eating. The point of this part of Core5 After School is to fuel the mind and body so they can excel in all parts of their life.

Core5 Character: Building Better Kids
3:40pm - 4:10pm

Dayincore5-3After the kids have completed their workout and had a good snack, it is now time to have a little more fun and focus on activities that revolve around becoming a better person, friend and student. Whether you call these activities or educational efforts character education, social emotional learning, or another prosocial-based education term, we are not concerned. To us they all fall under the umbrella of the admirable efforts educators put forth to develop the whole child. And if we are not able to contribute an adequate amount of the valuable instructional minutes during the day to such efforts, we believe that after school offers a perfect setting and time to accomplish this effort that research shows is beneficial to one’s personal and academic life. In order to do character right and not light, our website provides you with an endless supply of activities, videos, hyperlinks and discussion topics to make this time possibly the most enjoyable time of the day. Our resources are designed to help you help kids behave better, think and act more kindly, and become a positive contribution to your school’s climate and learning environment. For example, one of our exercises is a lesson on “Bullying” that kids find interesting and meaningful. The discussion of this lesson can span several days. You can also use this time to do service learning projects for your community or school’s neighborhood. Just logon to the Member’s Area and you will see that we have provided you with some incredible resources to help your after school program work miracles. You might also find these great ideas to be useful during class time or for home schooling parents…any time.

Core5 Enrichment: Capitalizing on Study Time
4:10pm - 5:10pm

Dayincore5-4Quite honestly, research on memory and concentration show us quite vividly that after a long day of school, getting kids to focus on homework and studying is not possible unless we provide them with exercise, nutrition, and some fun activities to revive them. Though we believe that after school is a great time to complement your school’s academic goals, it must be approached correctly. Thus after exercise, a snack and some fun character building exercises, we can then move to a structured format to help kids work on their school assignments. However, we also realize that there is often a great amount of kids in your after school program and only a few staff members to supervise such efforts. This is why we have provided you with several different approaches to tutoring or designing structured study formats that is quite accomplishable with a limited staff. From the videos and resources under the Core5 Enrichment tab in our member’s area, you will find that we have given you the tools to make this hour efficient and effective in giving students a chance to work on homework, with assistance from educators and their peers. Students who have excellent grades (or who have completed their homework) can move back to the gym or playground for some supervised play or continue working on service learning projects. But studying everyday-all day can lead to burnout and a decrease in the motivation to learn; two things we must avoid. So this time must be complemented by academic enrichment activities and projects that keep kids energized when it comes to academics and build their will to want to learn. On our website you will find a host of activities and hyperlinks that can help you turn your students on to a world of learning. From visiting museums in another country to learning about environmental issues close to home, the world is truly your oyster shell when it comes to the resources provided through Core5 Enrichment.

Core5 Parents: Pick-up Time

Dayincore5-5In our research and experience in after school programs, too often we do not take full advantage of the time when parents come to pick up their child. In fact, from our research we have discovered that if you truly want to increase your academic achievement, getting parents more active in their child’s education is the key to success. As you will see from the many resources we provide you with, when a parent picks up a child after a day in Core5 they will leave with information on their child’s fitness progress, nutritional information, character reflections, homework help as well as tutoring and enrichment tips they can continue at home. As an after-school staff using Core5 you can provide materials printed from the Core5 Member’s Area on how to prepare their children for college – both academically and financially. Our goal is to help you make the most of every minute spent in after school and connect such efforts directly back to the goals you seek to accomplish during the traditional day school hours.